Romania: Giurgiu Latest -Dogs Voice – Help !

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)



1 850 dogs are to be killed and 1 550 more dogs are to be caught. The horror begins and it’s going to get even much worse than we feared.

As we now had to learn, the mayor of Giurgiu has set up a contract for the new veterinarian of the shelter. A contract whose content is so cruel that we can hardly grasp it and describe it. On January 9, 2017 the call-out period will end and the position of the veterinarian of the shelter will be assigned newly. This job will include catching 1 550 street-dogs in 2017. For 550 dogs the use of narcotics for the procedure of capturing is authorized. As you already know, the city’s animal shelter is so overcrowded and contaminated with the current 1 100 dogs already that heavy bites leading to death and cannibalism occur on a daily basis.

As a solution…

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