Cambodia: 3 People Dead and 31 Hospitalized From Dog Meat 12

Cambodia: 3 People Dead and 31 Hospitalized From Dog Meat 12 December 2015 by: in: Cambodia,Dog Meat, pet centricCambodia: 3 People Dead and 31 Hospitalized From Dog Meat

Three people died from eating toxic dog meat. To mourn the loss of the three dead people, 31 mourners who attended their funeral consumed the remaining left over dog meat – from the same dog – in the hope it would ward off bad spirits and bring them good luck. Within hours, 31 mourners were rushed to hospital after falling seriously ill. So strong was their belief that dog meat holds (false) powers, they ate the same contaminated dog meat which had killed all three of their friends!

How It Unfolded: an old man in eastern Kratie province, Northeast Cambodia, bought a large dog carcass at his local dog meat market, to enjoy some dog meat with his extended family. He chose the carcass he wanted and carried the dead dog’s body back home, where it he cooked it the same way he always cooked dog meat. The results were catastrophic.

The local Snuol district Police Chief, Kong Kimny, the old man who purchased the dog, his daughter in-law and female neighbor all died early Sunday morning, within hours of eating the toxic meat.

The Police Chief said some of the mourners did not know their friends had died from eating dog meat. Within hours, 31 mourners were gravely ill and rushed to hospital, where one person was still in critical condition. Xinhua news agency said samples of the toxic dog meat were sent to the provincial food safety bureau for a further examination.

Rabies and Cambodia

Cambodia has the highest rate of rabies deaths per capita in the world, with an estimated 850 people killed every year by the virus. There is a multitude of evidence proving the serious health risks involved in handling and consuming dog and cat meat. Deadly illnesses such as rabies can be transmitted from animals to humans even after the animal is dead. A person only need have an invisible scrape on their skin and rabies can be transmitted to them. Rabies can also enter via a person’s tear ducts and nasal passages.

Apparently healthy looking dog can be carrying transmittable rabies for up to seven months without any outward signs. An apparently healthy human can have rabies laying dormant in their system for up to seven years before it appears. Once diagnosed as rabies, it is almost always fatal.

Dog meat hold no powers of healing and no spiritual powers.
There is absolutely no scientific evidence of dog or cat meat holding nay powers or special benefits. (Cambodian dog meat photo not related to the above mentioned deaths.)

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