Dogs in China are Suffering a Hellish Death by being Baked Alive

Dogs are suffering a hellish death by being baked alive for a ‘better flavor’, due to extreme release of stress hormone adrenaline. Needs no explanation, but this is important to save innocent dogs from this unspeakable horror and restore some common decency for the good humans in China, who object to this.

We must be their voice….they are caught in horror, despair, hopelessness

Although this atrocity is hard to comprehend as real, and hard to read about, look at and acknowledge, if we don’t stay on it , the dogs unfortunate enough to find themselves within the borders of China, will suffer indefinitely, trapped in utter despair, horror and without hope. Most have never know a kind gesture from a human, yet if rescued, they would forgive…

It is legal and accepted and encouraged in China to put dogs into sacs ALIVE, and then into ovens to slow bake…

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