Guangzhou, Guangdong, Volksrepublik China – Marc Ching with Linda Ching und Valarie Ianniello ARE THERE SAVING DOGS FROM SLAUGHTERHOUSE- .

I am only human. I am not perfect. And I never claim to be. I took my prior post down because I was wrong. I will defend my foundation without calling anyone out.

Let this be seen as an act of kindness.

There is an email circulating claiming that we only rescued 400 dogs when we have verified, and can prove over a 1000 dogs. I documented everything because I knew there would be people that would circulate lies about our work. We know all the locations and groups who helped us with the dogs, and where they are at.

What I do not understand is – we are all supposed to be on the same side. I did not come to Yulin to even rescue dogs. I came to temporarily shut slaughterhouses down.

I did not anticipate that there would be over a thousand dogs that needed rescue. Some groups feel I should have left them. But how could I.

I am deeply hurt by what people who are supposed to be about the cause and the dogs are saying. I reached out to many groups before I came here asking to work with them. Almost everyone said no. And so we came and did what we felt we needed to.

If you need proof about the dogs because numbers are critical. Okay. We have proof. We filmed the rescue. 200 cages with an average of 5 dogs per cage. Not only that, we loaded additional dogs onto trucks that came from other places.

Maybe our tactic was wrong. I am only human. But the saving of these dogs is not wrong. The amount of lives saved versus the amount spent, is cheaper then you can buy a dog from the butcher. Does that still push the price up for dogs, it just might and I am sorry for that.

Please know I did not come here to buy dogs. I came to try to temporarily shut down these facilities, with the feeling that if some of the slaughterhouses were shut down, maybe the festival would not be as great. I did not anticipate that there would be so many dogs that would need saving.

In the end, we all want the same thing. The ending of torture. Laws passed against the mistreatment and cruelty towards animals. Let our focus be there. Let our focus be on the lives saved.

These dogs have lived through hell, and unless you live through that yourself, you have no right to tell people not to support them. I stand by these words. And I stand by these dogs.

‪#‎TheCompassionProject‬ ‪#‎animalhopeandwellness‬ ‪#‎SpeakTheTruth‬

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Marc Chings Foto.


3 thoughts on “Guangzhou, Guangdong, Volksrepublik China – Marc Ching with Linda Ching und Valarie Ianniello ARE THERE SAVING DOGS FROM SLAUGHTERHOUSE- .

  1. Bless you for your work. & for having the bravery to go to the slaughterhouse houses.
    I never doubted your posts for a minute. In the future maybe all dog rescues can unite, otherwise we all look stupid.


    • Thank you for your good words, dear Vickie Smith! Pls. read now the most ugly informations about our poorest friends, those cats & Dogs, “eu-“thanized; I always praying, Vickie, I couldn´t bear the burden, I cast all burden unto our Lord Jesus. May He bless you!


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