BOSINTANG! Boycott McDonalds for creating a “dog meat” burger in Korea!!!

Boycott McDonalds for creating a “dog meat”burger in Korea!!!




SHAME ON YOU MCDONALDS for creating a DOG MEAT BURGER in KOREA, and therefore condoning the boiling, skinning, torching, and boiling alive dogs and cats, as well as torturing, hanging, and amputation of dog and cats limbs.  Torturing INNOCENT and LOVING dogs and cats for UP TO 40 HOURS before killing them because inhumane savages think the adrenaline from their FEAR makes the meat taste better. I SPEAK ON BEHALF OF MILLIONS & MILLIONS PEOPLE WORLDWIDE WHO ARE OUTRAGED AT YOUR ACTIONS. If you do not stop selling dog/cat meat, and quit condoning the THEFT, PURCHASE, TORTURE, SLAUGHTER AND SALE OF DOGS AND CATS FOR MEAT, we will BOYCOTT ALL OF YOUR PRODUCTS WORLDWIDE.  Plus, because people in America and other countries are unaware of your dog meat burger, we will surely share it with the rest of…

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