“Hands that Help are Holyer than Lips that Pray”



Educating emotions

People need lessons in empathy, the imagination to put themselves in place
of others or animals

Eunice de Souza

Posted On Thursday, April 26, 2012 at 02:29:08 AM

      *People need to realise the
benefit from contact with animals
and the natural world*  I happened to be standing at a local bus stop one
day when children were returning from school. I suddenly noticed a small
group of young boys had collected and were staring at something on the wall
behind me.

They were picking up stones. I look around, and there was a chameleon on
the wall which the children were determined to kill. I shooed them away,
but they kept coming back. Would “blood-lust” be too strong a term to
describe the way they behaved?

Children as young as two pick up stones to throw at inoffensive dogs having
a nap…

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