Anti Dog Meat Trade – All about the work while 2 years (2012 – 2014) of Khun Tatui and his Team



All about the work while 2 years (2012 – 2014) of Khun Tatui and his Team

Dog Meat Trade problem is a sensitive problem which must be solved by Acknowledgement , Intelligent and Concentration.

We know so long that many countries still consump dog meat , especially for food. Meanwhile many peoples love dog and take good care of the dog as friend or family member. So Dog Meat Trade is still existence in confliction.

In Thailand, only a group of people still eat dog meat.
The people whom has a heritage as refugee by the war between Siam and Annam ( Vietnam )130 years ago. Thousands of refugee were moved to Sakon Nakhon then settled down at outer ring
of the town. A Christian Priest asked Lord Meyerof Sakon Nakhon to lead them to the other place and made a new community named Tha rae.

The community whose belong to Vietnam heritage continue their tradition of dog meat consumption. The dog meat trade of Tha rae still be as domestic trade for decades.

By the time of 2005, a Thai business man had his business idea to export dogs to the bigger market, Vietnam and China.So,The dog meat business of Thailand has became 2 markets,Domestic and
Intertrade. In early years it made good returns to the original dog meat trader till he became a politician then a Thai Minister.

In the year of 2011, Thai socials has got unacceptable of dog intertrade. The first arrested occur by Department of Livestock Development. A unit led by an officer of DLD Chusak Pongpanich take arrested a truck contained more then 1,000 live dogs at Nakhon Phanom on August 2011. From then, the war between smugglers and the government started. Many thousands dog has became exhibits in the crime but Dog Meat Trade still alives because of corrupted officers.The reason is dog intertrade has made a great returns.From cost of 100 THB each dog turn to 1,200 – 1,400 THB when they arrived Vietnam.

On February 2012, The situation of dog trafficking in Thailand became worser. We estimated 20,000 to 30,000 dogs smuggled across Thai – Lao border by the river of Maekhong. An undercover team supported by Animal Activist Alliance (AAA ) was set up to help Government as intelligent team. Their operation led to first arresting on June 6,2012 at the riverbank northern area of Mukdaharn.

The team still roar over the area of Beung Karn -Mukdaharn – Sakon Nakhon. The area what called ” Triangle Of Fire ” . Main target was to terminated dog trafficking from Thailand to Vietnam and China.
The team joined by some officers from many Government’s force who were checked that they are not concern with corruption.

From June 2012 to May 2013 , over 4,000 dogs were rescued by their operation.The biggest war was between May 4 to May 6, 2013. Over 1,200 dogs were rescued in 3 days of 4 cases. After the biggest war in May, the dog intertrade across the river has stopped. We still laid our team along the river for months. Some agent was secretly sent to Lao to get more informations. We found that
from May 2013 to January 2014 , there’re 4 trips of dog trucks acrossed Lao – Vietnam border.

Expected that they drained old stock in Lao.
The trade has stopped from January 2014.

The way they transported dogs started from the triangle of fire in Thailand.Acrossed the Maekhong river to Lao. There is a place at
” Baeng Lak Sao ” where the dogs were rest in short hours before
loaded onto a truck.Then the truck proceeded along the route no.8 to stopped overnight at Lak Sao.They continued their journey in the next morning.From Lak Sao is only 20 miles to Lao Bao where is the check point between Lao – Vietnam.
They passed custom check conveneincely then proceeded to Vinh, the town in Ngeh Anh province where was the big station of dog trade. At Vinh, the dogs were unload to stayed for rehab in bigger cage then ” forced feed ” with salty boiled rice.

Some dogs were choosed to the next trip to China. Some were choosed to the end at many places in Vietnam, a destination is Hanoi.Vinh is the place where the dogs were determined who would die earlier and who would die later but their destinies are the same, to die for human food.

The distance between Triangle Of Fire to Vinh is about 190 miles. They took 5 to 6 day from their home to Vinh, without any food but only some water which smugglers sprayed over them.

After a year of the intertrade has stopped, Our latest informations confirmed that it resurrected, with new procedure and new way of their journey.

Many question has came to us that are there any corruption of some organisation ? Many rumor of some foundation, whose alledged that they has agreement with Vietnamese Authority to close the border for dog meat trade, does it true ?

Nobody could answer me how many dog left in Burirum Shelter ? How about their health in the shelter ?

The answer is blowin’ in the wind.


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