Judge upholds vet student’s expulsion because her dog was a bad dog

good dog

Judge upholds vet student’s expulsion because her dog was a bad dog

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As Patrick Redford of Deadspin astutely pointed out last week, there’s no such thing as a bad dog. There are only good dogs. This is one of our universe’s unassailable truths.

It seems the federal government does not agree. Cornell expelled vet student Karen Habitzreuther because, the New York Timesreports, they believed Habitzreuther had “concealed” her dog Shandor’s history of “aggressive behavior.” In other words, they expelled her because her dog was a bad dog. Habitzreuther sued, but the federal court ruled in Cornell’s favor:

Nine years ago, Shandor bit a Cornell student clinician, prompting the school to suspend and later expel Ms. Habitzreuther, saying…

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