“Re-visiting Football-Playing Dog Abusers”


"Re-visiting Football-Playing Dog Abusers"
"You can't treat royalty like people
with normal perverted desires."
 Tom Stoppard 
*     *     *     *
Football players are like pampered royalty 
and are treated with obscene salaries to perform
sporting feats, but once that trust between a
professional athlete and his adoring public is
betrayed, this becomes the tragic moment in which
a man-idol becomes a dethroned social pariah.
New York Jets backup quarterback Michael Vick
once set the notorious standard for abusing
dogs and paid society's price for his heinous
crimes by serving time in jail.
Vick's story is also one of penitence and
rehabilitation, as part of the price he paid
was addressing the public about the horrors
of pit bull fighting. After serving 21 months
in prison (and 2 months at home) Vick has 
returned to football. This year he earned $6
million by completing 64…

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