Grösste Hundetötung 2014 steht in Rumänien bevor

Map Of Hope - Strassenhunde in Gefahr

Largest amount of dogs killed at once in 2014 starting soon in Romania


dogtownteaserUpdate 22.11.2014: Massentötung der Dogtown Hunde

Dogtown, the shelter of the son of Bucharests major Sorin Oprescu has asked ASPA (organisation driven by the best friend of this son, Razvan Bancescu) to pick up 170 dogs today. This dogs have been brought to the Bragadiru kill shelter using 11 ASPA VANS for “adoption or euthanasy”. Dogtowns statement: Not enough funds to care and purchase food for all of them. According to eyewitnesses employees of the Dogtown shelter have been crying and were not able to support the loading the dogs and complaint about the decision. ASPA dogcatchers have transferred the dogs from the kennels into the vans.

Sources state that 1600 dogs are in the Dogtown shelter at the moment and only 500 have got remote adoptors. That would mean the

death sentence for 1100 dogs!

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