Romania, the Land of Death For Stray Dogs


Romania, a country reaped in history, a country where you are greeted by outstanding natural beauty, rolling hills and picturesque landscapes, but regrettably also a country were corruption, greed and brutality is rife.

FlashAfter the incident of the child, Ionut, who was killed in suspicious circumstances in Bucharest, the government announced a new law on September 10th 2013, this law would put every stray dogs life that lived in Romania, in complete jeopardy.

The new law to ‘euthanise all stray dogs, even healthy ones’ was a harsh and brutal law bought in by propaganda and for nothing other than greed.

Its easy to turn the blame onto the stray dogs as they can’t speak up and defend themselves, they are vulnerable and easy pickings for those with ulterior motives.
We do not know exactly how this child died or who or what killed this child, so we therefore have no right…

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