STOP the cruel & totally senseless MASSSLAUGHTER of your STRAYDOGS NOW!




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Romania: Stop the cruel and senseless mass slaughter of your stray dogs now!

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This past winter, knowing that he would not be charged by any police authorities, a man in Romania went so far as to pour gasoline over a stray dog and set the poor animal on fire. Another dog was hunted down by citizens who then poured acid on the helpless animal, as witnessed by a member of Tierhilfe-Hoffnung, a major German dog-rescue organization that has caught, neutered and saved tens of thousands of stray dogs in Romania so far (see for detailed information about the current horrible situation).

Atrocities such as the above now happen in Romania every day. On November 12, 2013, the Romanian legislature passed a law that orders all stray dogs to be killed, even those that have been neutered and marked as such. According to the German Animal Welfare Association, the Romanian Minister of Health was the leading supporter of this cruel and senseless law that allows and even encourages any person in the street to torture and kill the helpless dogs that populate the cities and towns. The new law is enforced in killing stations that are not even supplied with any proper tools or medication to kill the dogs in a humane manner since Romania has no money for that. Therefore the dogs are beaten to death with axes and shovels or “put to sleep” with antifreeze and other such unspeakably cruel methods. The reputable German newspaper FAZ even reports that dog are thrown into open fire while still alive!!!

The new law is based on the claim that a child on a street was allegedly attacked by a few stray dogs. This claim has never been proven, its circumstances are unknown, and since these dogs are known to be particularly sociable and friendly yet shy animals, it is far more likely that the child was killed either by wolves or even humans than by stray dogs. German reporters who investigated the circumstances have reason to doubt the official Rumanian version. Obviously it was easier to blame stray dogs than to investigate the true circumstances and the claim seems to serve as an excuse for getting rid of “the problem” – a problem caused not by the dogs themselves but by the former self-appointed President Ceauşescu, who forced all Romanians to abandon their pet dogs in 1974 as part of his project of “Systematization”. Today’s stray dogs are the great-grandchildren of these abandoned pets that are only trying to survive in a country where they are no longer wanted. Now that this inhumane new law has been passed and is being enforced by dog catchers that supposedly are paid EUR 50.00 by the authorities for each dog tortured to death and who have been termed a dog mafia by German media, the stray dogs have been made the scapegoats for the public’s frustration about poverty, unemployment and millions of Euros from EU funds that disappear in dark channels. And to top it all, international animal welfare organizations report that Romania now even plans to pass a law that will make it illegal to rescue and/or take their stray dogs out of the country.

Yet there are also many Romanian citizens deeply troubled by this brutal law who report or deliver stray dogs to these animal welfare organizations to save their lives (1100 stray dogs were brought to the gates of Tierhilfe Hoffnung within one week!). These concerned citizens know that this law is inhumane. A mayor was called to a dog killing station by a Swiss camera team in the fall of 2013. He was asked to comment on the horrible (but typical) conditions of the killing station he is in charge of. The mayor left the scene crying.

We have to act – and act NOW! The European community and the rest of the world can no longer witness this cruel and senseless mass slaughter going on in the heart of Europe without speaking out against it to make it stop once and for all. We will send the following petition – with your signatures that are so very, very important – not just to one politician but one by one to everyone in Romania who can make a change as well as to ambassadors and politicians at the level of the European Union who have been standing by and watching because “their hands are tied”. We will follow up the petition with further steps that show these people that we mean business! Help save the lives of hundreds of thousands of docile dogs that just want to survive on the crumbs left over by human beings.

Photo: courtesy: Huib Rutten, photo book Vagabonzi. Straßenhunde in Rumänien (Strandjutter Publishing, 2013)

See also for more information about the situation in Romania:


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