Huge protest against the deplorably sad stray dog “disposal” situation going on in Romania

Blame It on Love

Romania's homeless dogs

Link to article:

Please help – important related petition:

Vertretung der Europäischen Kommission in Deutschland: Stoppen Sie ALLE EU-Fördergelder/Steuergelder nach Rumänien solange dieses Land das Töten von Tieren belohnt!

Here’s a sample comment in English which will explain the situation a bit for you:

” EU, please do a full investigation of the whereabouts of the money donated to Romania for those animals and what it’s been squandered on instead. You need to put an immediate end to their sadistic waste of funding. Instead of giving buckets of money to those irresponsible overseers, you need to put a special EU Task Force in Romania to see what is going on, and see to the proper care and safe placement of those animals, and their sterilization, so that no more are born into this Hell. ”

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