Born innocent – report about the stray dogs of Romania

Fifirock - Home of Happy Dogs

Finnish newspaper Iltalehti explored the situation of stray dogs in Romania.

Forceful article by journalist Pipsa Parkkinen.

First there is the appalling, strong smell. Then my attention is drawn to apathetic dogs laying on the floor, covering almost all of its surface. One is shyly wagging its tail but most of them are not interested in a visitor.

I am at Pallady, one of Bucharest’s public shelters where dog catchers bring free roaming dogs once they are captured.

The difference to the social and curious dogs that I met the day before is enormous. The Pallady dogs mainly sleep as if they had already given up. Some of the dogs are entirely covered with filth, some are very slim and some are limping. After the visit, I continue to think of a particular friendly dog that had a nasty-looking injury on its front leg. The dog hobbled on three feet…

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