Laura´s good words & a video about strays at Syrian-Iraq Border

“I so appreciate you people for the hard work you do; all those dogs deserve nothing but love and security.

Here is a video tribute to stray dogs all over the world including Romania.

This problem sickens my heart continually and has for a long time.

We really have to stop the breeding, get at the root, stop the insanity, it is too horrible for words:”

I found These words plus this Video in a comment to my last article,

 Thank You, Laura, so much!

We are not far from one another!



3 thoughts on “Laura´s good words & a video about strays at Syrian-Iraq Border

  1. Thank you Annamaria; I’m actually in USA, California. It really is devastating, heartbreaking beyond belief, things that are being done to dogs in Romania. I so hope great people around the world will adopt those dogs and get them out of that Hell. In my own area we’ve no shortage of homeless dogs and I and my family have always rescued our dogs (& fewer cats). Even in California only a small percentage of dogs/cats have good homes for life while the rest suffer a variety of unjust fates. It is so unacceptable, we human beings have ALL got to be better. It seems we cannot even get the profiting breeders stopped no matter how much we protest; the majority still believes there’s a need for “responsible puppy breeders”! Horribly sad; I wish I could work miracles. Thank you so much for appreciating my words and video; I just hope it helps some way.
    My best to you and all animal rescuers,


  2. Just for anyone who might be reading here, I deleted the first video about stray dogs to re-do it with new music, here’s the new link, hope this helps change minds out there, dogs deserve love and respect, never abuse:


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