South Korea – Scene of meat dog trade secretly taking place in the wood!

This platter was found in a street market, a f...
This platter was found in a street market, a few miles east of Hanoi, Vietnam. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


South  Korea  –  Scene of meat dog trade secretly taking place in the wood!

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Translation of Korean TV Program – Young-Don Lee Producer’s Food  X-File: Scene of meat dog auction trade secretly  taking place in the wood! -Channel A 8/4/2013


English Caption – “Scene of meat dog auction trade secretly taking place in the wood!”

English Caption – “Scene of meat dog auction trade secretly taking  place in the wood!”

0:00:00.000,0:00:07.000 After asking all around, we were able to  locate the meat dog auction market that we heard to be taking place in the  woods.

0:00:08.000,0:00:13.000 “Meat Dog” Auction Market. A secret market  that only allows in dog traders and dog middleman.

0:00:14.000,0:00:18.000 Various breeds of dogs are locked up in  metal cages.

0:00:19.000,0:00:26.000 You can also see pet dogs in the size of a  human arm.

0:00:27.000,0:00:38.000 OO Health Food  Center . We decided to  investigate the process of acquiring dogs to sale at the auction market with a  dog trader who operates a Health Food  Center .

0:00:40.000,0:00:48.000 Sell your dog! Sell your dog! This dog  trader drives around villages every early morning and buys dogs people bring to  him.

0:00:49.000,0:00:55.000 Man: This is a dog my brother brought from  when he used to work at Jindo.

0:00:56.000,0:01:01.000 Not knowing why he is being taken there,  the dog is struggling to resist getting on the  truck.

0:01:02.000,0:01:07.000 However, the dog owner is coldheartedly  pushing the dog he was raising into the cage.

0:01:08.000,0:01:16.000 And then he gives a small Balbari dog for  free as a bonus.

0:01:17.000,0:01:25.000 I paid 70,000 Korean won ($66 USD) for  them but I can sell the large one for about 100,000 Korean won ($94 USD). 

0:01:26.000,0:01:33.000 I make a profit of 30,000 Korean won ($28  USD) when I sell it at the auction. That’s good enough for me. Haha…. And the  Balbari was free.

0:01:34.000,0:01:39.000 Undercover: Is Balbari all profit? Dog  trader: Yes.

0:01:42.000,0:01:50.000 At the next village, about 3-4 people are  waiting to sell their dogs they have been raising at home to the dog  trader.

0:01:51.000,0:01:54.000 This time there are small typical pet  dogs.

0:01:54.000,0:01:57.000 Women: Buy these 2 dogs. They are Shih  Tzu.

0:01:58.000,0:02:02.000 Dog trader: What do I do with these tiny  ones? Women: I don’t know. You can butcher them.

0:02:03.000,0:02:08.000 Dog trader: Are they free or do you want  money for them? Women: Of course, you need to pay  me.

0:02:09.000,0:02:14.000 Dog trader: How much? Women: I don’t  know. I will take whatever you offer. Haha….

0:02:15.000,0:02:20.000 Auction market is where the dogs sold to  the dog traders like these are sold.

0:02:21.000,0:02:28.000 “Meat Dog” Auction Market. In the early  morning, this market is crowded with dog traders trying to sell their dogs and  the middleman.

0:02:29.000,0:02:34.000 In this location, dog auction was taking  place every morning for 2 hours.

0:02:35.000,0:02:42.000 After selecting the dogs you want and  negotiation, dogs are weighed on scale to finalize on the  price.

0:02:43.000,0:02:46.000 Metal cages are full of dogs,  crumpled.

0:02:47.000,0:02:50.000 Among them are dogs presumed to be former  pets.

0:02:51.000,0:02:54.000 New born puppies are also traded  here.

0:02:55.000,0:02:59.000 Among the dogs sold off at auction, we  notice a Dalmatian.

0:03:00.000,0:03:04.000 Undercover: Is this a Dalmatian? Dog  buyer: Yes. It’s a Dalmatian.

0:03:05.000,0:03:11.000 Undercover: How are they used? Dog  trader: These are all meat dogs. No one buys dogs here to raise as  pet.

0:03:12.000,0:03:16.000 On another truck, there are Cocker  Spaniels in the cage.

0:03:17.000,0:03:22.000 Undercover: Aren’t they pedigrees? Dog  trader: So what if they are pedigrees? That’s doesn’t matter  here.

0:03:23.000,0:03:31.000 Undercover: Where do you sell them  to? Dog trader: Of course to the dog meat  restaurants.

0:03:35.000,0:03:40.000 How do former pets end up in these meat  dog auction markets?

0:03:41.000,0:03:44.000 We asked the dog  trader.

0:03:45.000,0:03:50.000 People abandon pet dogs on the streets  when they get sick.

0:03:51.000,0:03:57.000 These abandoned dogs ends up in dog meat  market. No one raises pet dogs to eat.

0:03:58.000,0:04:09.000 Debating whether to eat these abandoned  former pets that were like part of a family is a  contradiction.

0:04:11.000,0:04:19.000 Channel A. Young-Don Lee Producer’s Food  X-File.



Truth and exposé about Food – “Pet dog soup  (Boshintang)”

Dog meat soup (Boshintang) is a representative of summer health food  as well as a center of never ending controversy about it being ‘disgusting  food’! One day, we received a preposterous tip about dog meat. A person reported  that a metal pin was found in the dog meat he purchased to make soup. After an  investigation we found that it was metal plate with screws for medical treatment  and the dog was likely a former pet…. Based on our investigation, dogs presume  to be former pets were in cages at the auction market that trades ‘meat dogs’  and they were being sold to slaughterhouses. We also captured the scene of dogs  from animal shelters being sold to the meat dog farms. Expert’s opinion is that  pet dogs are exposed to variety of antibiotics and when they are distributed to  meat market, it’s harmful to the people who eat them. Are pet dogs really being  sold as dog meat soup?

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