Condemn Romanian President´s Call to Kill Stray Dogs! NEW PETITION


Condemn Romanian President’s Call to Kill Stray Dogs

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Target: Romanian President Traian Basescu

Goal: Oppose the needless killing of thousands of stray dogs

It is certainly true that large populations of stray animals can cause problems in urban areas. While many people would view rehabilitation, adoption, and education as an appropriate response to reduce the number of stray dogs on the street, the president of Romania apparently supports a different course of action. Although current law allows only for sick stray dogs to be euthanized, Romanian President Traian Basescu is attempting to push through a new law that would allow for any stray to be put down.

Although President Basescu argues that the killing of stray dogs is necessary to protect people from bites, logic dictates that this senseless culling of thousands of dogs will do little to solve the root of the problem. Instead of using government funds to euthanize thousands of homeless dogs, the money should be used to rehabilitate the animals and find them homes. Emphasis should also be placed on educating dog owners about spaying and neutering their pets, which will prevent overpopulation of strays to begin with.

Euthanizing dogs is unfortunately necessary sometimes, but it should never be the first option. Mass euthanasia is only a temporary “solution” and will have to repeated when stray populations inevitably reproduce. Please sign this petition to let President Basescu know that euthanizing thousands of dogs is unnecessarily cruel and that there are more effective and humane ways to combat overpopulation of strays.

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Dear President Basescu,

No one can argue that large populations of stray animals can cause problems, especially when they dwell in urban areas. However, your recent push to allow for thousands of stray dogs to be euthanized is not the most effective or humane course of action. A mass culling will only reduce populations temporarily, until other strays inevitably reproduce. Your government should consider other options to combat the overpopulation of stray animals.

More humane options would include the rehabilitation and adoption of existing stray animals. As someone who has adopted three stray dogs yourself, you can certainly attest to the affection and companionship these animals can provide when offered a loving home. You should also consider investing in spay and neuter programs. This option is not only more humane, but will also do more to prevent problems with stray dog populations in the future.

Euthanasia is unfortunately necessary sometimes, but it should be a last resort as opposed to the first choice. Please consider other steps to reduce the numbers of strays in your country’s urban areas.


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Photo credit: Columbo222 via Wikimedia Commons


4 thoughts on “ Condemn Romanian President´s Call to Kill Stray Dogs! NEW PETITION

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:

    It is not true,that Romania even try to euthanize strays-
    they go for private Dogs, rob them from people´s garden,
    they go to shelters, even privaate shelters and steal Dogs out
    or kill them brutally on that place. they beat the, gave them acid, etc.
    Dogs found full of wounds, even pregnant Dogs …an unbearable Situation – words don´t help even EU doesn´t help – Romania
    is somehow a Holy Cow in the EU


  2. I so appreciate you people for the hard work you do; all those dogs deserve nothing but love and security. Here is a video tribute to stray dogs all over the world including Romania. This problem sickens my heart continually and has for a long time. We really have to stop the breeding, get at the root, stop the insanity, it is too horrible for words:


    • Dear Laura, thank You for Your words & for this important Video.
      I´ll share it with my friends, animal-loving friends.
      It is so good to hear from You – a Hand fighting for our poorest
      Dogs in Romania, Syria, Serbia-Bosnia again…


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