Middle-Age-Behaviour to accuse Dogs to Death! An unbelievable Killing of Straydogs in Romania started – again!

English: Traian Băsescu, President of Romania,...
English: Traian Băsescu, President of Romania, at the International Conference in Support of the new Libya, Presidential Palace (Palais de l’Elysee), Paris, France September 1, 2011 Ελληνικά: Διεθνής Διάσκεψη για την υποστήριξη της νέας Λιβύης, Προεδρικό Μέγαρο (Palais de l’Elysee), Παρίσι, Γαλλία 1 Σεπτεμβρίου, 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

i don´t wanted to install a photo from dying and dead Dogs on the streets of


Dear all,
In September 2, in Romania, a child was killed by dogs. Too little mentioned, the 4 years old child was left too long unsupervised by his grandmother, so he came from a park, far away, on a private fenced land, where dogs were.
The all televisions and newspapers is CONTINUOUS talking about this tragedy , do shows, stories , interview people who feel disturbed by dogs, show false statistics, distorts reality, inflamed the entire population.
On the contrary, despite the pain, father and grandfather of the child were talked about the dogs like “they are also poor beings”; they don’t consider the dogs to be guilty but condemns the authorities because they did nothing for a correct management.
AUTHORITIES USE THIS TRAGEDY CLAIMING THE KILLING OF ALL DOGS! Yesterday, the Romanian President, Traian Basescu , urged the Government to elaborate an emergency ordinance that all dogs be killed. In parallel, President of the Chamber of Deputies asks for urgent draft legislation providing for killing dogs. For 20 years in Romania the dogs were tortured, captured and taken to “shelters” – extermination camps, where if they did not die of hunger and thirst they were killed by cruel methods. Hundreds of thousands of dogs died in the camps of the City halls, however huge amounts of tens of millions of Euros are „spent” (fictively) for „managing” the stray dogs. The problem was not solved in the street but even got worse because nowhere in the world the mass killing was a solution.
Although it has been shown both by the experience of other countries and own (Oradea) that sterilization of stray dogs is the only solution for the disappearance of stray dogs , the Romanian authorities have totally ignored it, insisting on a failure method! Why? Because killing dogs in Romania has became an industry, tens of millions of Euros ” spent ” for managing dogs actually went into the pockets of those involved . Killing does not solve the problem so in the street will always be dogs so the authorities will have permanent reasons for “spending” of public money.
The next week will be discussed the KILLING DOGS PROJECT!
Help us to stop this massacre that not even brings any benefit . Please protest sending a short protest letter or the letter I did bellow, to the following emails:
cp01@cdep.ro, cp02@cdep.ro, cp03@cdep.ro, cp04@cdep.ro, cp05@cdep.ro, cp06@cdep.ro, cp07@cdep.ro, cp08@cdep.ro, cp09@cdep.ro, cp10@cdep.ro, cp11@cdep.ro, cp12@cdep.ro, cp13@cdep.ro, cp14@cdep.ro, marin.almajanu@cdep.ro, laurentiu.nistor@cdep.ro, marcelciolacu@clicknet.ro, hubert.thuma@cdep.ro, zgonea@cdep.ro, bogdan.ciuca@cdep.ro, viorelh@cdep.ro, dan.motreanu@cdep.ro, ioan.oltean@cdep.ro, enicolicea@cdep.ro, cristian.buican@cdep.ro, adrian.diaconu@cdep.ro, niculae.mircovici@cdep.ro, mircea.draghici@cdep.ro, ionel.palar@cdep.ro, ioan.balan@cdep.ro, denes.seres@cdep.ro, office@ansvsa.ro, office@cmvro.ro, srp@cdep.ro, presa@cdep.ro, petitii@mai.gov.ro, amr@amr.ro, CJD@bucuresti-primaria.ro, procetatean@presidency.ro, ccr@ccr.ro, office@agerpres.ro, stiri@agerpres.ro, mediafax@mediafax.ro, peti-secretariat@europarl.europa.eu, koen.doens@ec.europa.eu
Please, send as well your letters to fax:
Parliament: 00 40 21 3120828, 00 40 21 3146934; Government: 00 40 21 3139846
Thank you.
All the best,
Subject email/letter: STOP mass killing dogs! Adopt mass sterilization!
For the attention of the Romanian authorities: We regret the tragedy of the child killed by dogs. Such dramas should not repeat. But if you insist in applying the same methods of dog mass murder that has been conducted in Romania for 20 years and that has not resolved the problem in the streets, this risk will remain permanent.
We do not understand the interests of the Romanian authorities to continue or implement again a method that has proven over the world to be failed, expensive, but as well immoral, shameful.
We do not understand why, despite all the evidence:
  • the benefits of dog sterilization
  • the results obtained in Oradea, where, by the Sterilisation and Return programme, the number of stray dogs decreased from 5000 to 300
  • the outcomes of the World Health Organisation’s study (undertaken between 1981 and 1988) concluding that “the euthanasia or incarceration programmes which are both inefficient and expensive”
  • the experiences of other countries that, after years of mass murder without effect, implemented mass sterilization laws having noticeable effects,
you do not accept to implement the only solution for managing the dogs, that is the sterilisation and return of the gentle and healthy stray dogs, compulsorily accompanied by the sterilization of dogs with owners that are the main source of street dogs by mass abandoning. Approximately 5 million puppies are born in Romania in rural areas every year, some of them being killed by their owners and the others being abandoned in the street. So long as the dogs with owners will not be sterilized, through coherent programmes, the streets will never be free of dogs.
We also remind you:
  • the Constitutional Court of Romania decided (Decision 1/2012) that euthanasia is ILLEGAL as a stray dogs management method until all other solutions have been applied properly, uniformly and with responsibility by local authorities
  • The Lisbon Treaty (art. 13, TFEU) states that the “animals are sentient beings”
  • the European Parliament Resolution of 4 July 2012 on the establishment of an EU legal framework for the protection of pets and stray animals ( 2012/2670 (RSP )
Romania is already known by animal cruelty . Please, be advised that if the killing of dogs starts, we will show to the entire world the reality of the dog camps, we will notify worldwide about the financial interests behind the business of killing dogs, we will withdraw any support that we have given so far to your country, we will boycott Romanian products and tourism, as no one will want to associate with a corrupt, cruel and immoral country.

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