A Very Important Information or Message: Dogs are going extinct: 8 most endangered canid species!



 Thank You for this article! Congratulations for such a work!

Jaymi HeimbuchScience / Natural Sciences                         May 17, 2013

«1 of 9»  PLEASE, in order to watch photograps, go to O-Link!

Ethiopian Wolf

Today, May 17th, is Endangered Species Day. We are celebrating it by bringing attention to the diverse and beautiful canid species around the world that are in danger of becoming extinct. We hope that by learning about these amazing relatives of our well-loved domestic dogs, readers will be encouraged to act to protect these species.

First up is the Ethiopian Wolf. This is the world’s most endangered canid with fewer than 500 individuals left on earth. Located way up in the highlands of Ethiopia, it is the only canid species to have made…

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