64 Pit Bulls Found at Murder Scene: A Tragic Discovery in a Rural Ranch in Idaho


64 Pit Bulls Found at Murder Scene

63 Pit Bulls Found at Murder Scene

A tragic discovery was recently made in a rural ranch in Idaho. Three adults  were shot and killed, but two children at the scene, a two-year-old and  two-month-old, were found physically unharmed. The baby was found under the arm  of her deceased mother, who apparently tried to protect her newborn daughter at  the time of her death. Both children are now safe with other family members — and hopefully will have no memory of this horrific life-altering day.

As officers arrived on the grisly scene, it became apparent that this  isolated ranch was also a dog-fighting compound. Sixty-three pit bulls were  found – most of which were in hideous condition.  The Idaho Humane Society  (IHS) has taken over the care for these poor animals. According to the IHS, “most of the dogs are underweight and suffering from malnutrition. Many of them  have open cuts and extensive scarring from old wounds and have skin, eye, and  ear ailments resulting from neglect of their basic care. A few dogs have old  injuries of broken bones that were left untreated.”

But as a testament to the generous spirit of these dogs, who have obviously  been severely abused and neglected, the majority of the canines were reported by  the IHS to be friendly and accepting of handling by people. “It’s heartbreaking  the treatment some of these animals have endured,” said Dr. Jeff Rosenthal, “but  they’re resilient and getting lots of care and attention.” Many of the pit bulls  are surprisingly playful and are romping around the exercise yard. Maybe they  intuitively understand that the worst is over.

pit bull rescue in Idaho

Further behavioral assessments will be necessary to see if these dogs can be  rehabilitated and adopted, but the IHS is hopeful. Since these dogs have been  bred to fight other dogs, one of the primary concerns is how they will interact  with other canines. IHS has experience with pit bulls, as they are the second  most common breed that end up at their facility. The IHS does not, however, have  significant experience with dogs bred specifically for fighting, so two national  experts on the subject are flying in this weekend to consult with them.

The Idaho Humane Society is currently unable to accept offers for hands-on  assistance due to the crisis nature of this situation, but donations for their  care, feeding and veterinary expenses are urgently needed and can be made  at www.idahohumanesociety.com.  Additionally, IHS is not seeking foster homes or permanent homes until a full  assessment can be made on each dog. As the dogs become available for adoption,  the IHS will make announcements on their website.

Even though this is a sad story on many levels, the children and dogs can  hopefully close this tragic chapter on their lives and move forward to a place  where they are loved, respected and treated with compassion. I am hopeful, as I  see each one of them, child and dog, in the near future enjoying many sunny,  carefree romps in the grass — as every dog and child  should.

Read more: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/63-pit-bulls-found-at-triple-murder-scene-help-needed.html#ixzz2QLN5j1sM


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