Russia`s Straydogs in Danger   Sign the Petition:

Target: Russian President  Vladimir Putin

Goal: To control the  groups of people that hunt and torture dogs in Russia

Groups of people all over Russia frequently have  hunting sessions where they capture stray dogs from off the street and torture  them. These dogs are often killed, and domestic dogs are also killed by poisoned  meat the hunters give to them in parks. These dog hunters need to be  stopped.

Russia is behind in the times when it comes to  animal cruelty laws, and the pet population is suffering as a result. These sick  people will capture any dog that they find, regardless of if it is someone’s pet  or not. The dogs are killed in vicious, inhumane ways and discarded like trash.  It has become a sport in Russia to torture these dogs. Something needs to be  done to change this.

Animal cruelty laws in America can hopefully  influence Russia to create laws of their own. It is sickening to have crazy  people running around grabbing random dogs just to torture for their own  pleasure. If Russia can control these dog hunters, than other local crimes may  decrease since animal torture is a known gateway to other crimes, Sign the  petition below to ask the Russian president to control these dog hunters and  spare these animals.


Dear President Vladimir Putin,

There is a sickening trend going on in your  country. Groups of people patrol the streets looking for stray dogs to capture,  torture and ultimately kill. They are also abducting domestic dogs that are  people’s pets and poisoning them in parks. These actions are the work of  criminals, and these people need to be punished.

By allowing this to continue in your country, you  are allowing criminals to roam the streets. Animal abuse is known to be a sign  of future criminal acts, and these people need to be stopped now. If dog hunting  continues, then you will have an increase of other severe crimes that can harm  your country even more. Animal abusers that hunt for innocent pets are the  sickest kinds of people and they need to be stopped.

These dog hunting practices will only lead to  other acts of animal cruelty if not controlled. There is plenty you can do to  have more control of your streets and how law enforcement deals with these  people. They are murdering innocent animals in your backyards, and this will  only lead to further problems. Please end the dog hunting and create animal  cruelty laws to protect your country’s pets.





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