How is it possible to treat dogs in such a absolutely cruel way? Dog-Abattoir in China
Animal  Equality uncovers for the first time dogs being brutally clubbed to death inside  China’s dog slaughterhouses Our investigators, who put themselves at risk to  infiltrate slaughterhouses and dog meat businesses in Jiangmen and Zhanjiang,  have obtained never-seen-before images and video footage revealing the horrors  taking place each day to satisfy the demand for dog meat across China. The  shocking images show terrified dogs kept in appalling conditions in the  slaughterhouses before being brutally beaten with wooden clubs and stabbed to  death in full view of other dogs who await their turn. “This video of dog  slaughterhouses is the worst, the most evil and horrific I have seen in my  life”. Bernard Rollin, Professor of Animal Sciences and
Biomedical Sciences  at the State University of Colorado

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