misericordia for romanian straydogs: so unbearable brutality there!

28816206Dear all,

Images of mistreated animals from Romania made international world to react in any way, direct financing, donations, adoptions, building shelters, private shelters maintenance, protest campaigns, rallies, in view to reduce as much as possible the suffering of animals in Romania.

It is the third time when Tamara Raab is involved in collecting donations for Romanian dogs and even, at this time, to organize an entire event to collect and organize them according to the requirements and needs.
A truck driven by Tamara and other by her colleague went to Romania distributing aid to dog shelters or people who have care of large numbers of animals.

Tamara Raab, Germany

Even from the almost beginning of her trip, a gravly accident has happened; while organizing downloading donations a swinging a pallet located up made Tamara to severely fracture her leg. Romanian doctors have recommended to operate immediately and Tamara was obliged to leave Romania by plane to Germany. Tamara’s truck was taken by another driver so that the route continued through Romania, sharing the donations and Tamara’s story.

It is just an example of the great help Romanian animals receive from you all.

If foreign people are making huge efforts to help animals from Romania, the Romanian authorities do their best to maintain a cruel situation.

“Industry” created around street dogs is powerful, precisely because it is a big business, the funds for dogs go in fact to private interests; this is why the interest of those involved in the stray dog management is to keep the dogs in the street to have what to manage and justify such exorbitant amounts spent.

One of the very known and cruelty examples is dr. Emilia Herescu, president of the College of Romanian Veterinarians – Prahova County. The veterinarian Herescu has the own extermination dog camp in Boldesti-Scaieni, Prahova, and for many years she has sign illegal “catch and kill” contracts with different city halls. At present, up to 15000 dogs she has killed or let them die in horrifying conditions! Totally lacking water, food, medical care, skeleton dogs, dogs dead of starvation or disease, whose bodies feed those who are still alive and subsequently killed by Herescu, lack of minimum conditions of accommodation, all violations of sanitary norms for animal and environment, have not ever been sanctioned by the Sanitary Veterinary Direction Prahova or by Police (in spite of the multitude of criminal complaints against her made by citizens and organizations). In 2009, the animal welfare foundation FPCC of Robert Smith has sued Herescu for cruelties against animals. After 4 year the case trial is not finished! Dr. Herescu is continuing her “job”!

dr. Emilia Herescu dog shelter paid by cityhalls

Despite proof of illegalities, the prosecutors and judges ignore the countless complaints, and most of their decisions in fact support the lawbreakers. The ignorance and complicity of authorities actually support animal cruelty in Romania.

Abouth all these you can see in the reportage “ROMANIA: DIRTY BUSINESS WITH DOGS MURDER” from Sunday, 7 April, at 19:20 at German television “ARD Das Erste” (telecasting“Weltspiegel” )

The reportage can be also seen later on the site of ARD Das Erste



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