In February 2013 a Group of Nepalese Policemen brutally killed a Dog … Video Youtube

soldierdog  A DOG IS A FRIEND, if not, YOU CANNOT ACCUSE  H I M !

 They did  this coram publicam, even children saw this desastrous and brutal action.

In February 2013, a group of Nepalese policemen brutally killed a dog who had bitten a number of people, using a gun and bamboo sticks. Despite the fact that humane solutions like Animal Birth Control/Anti Rabies have been introduced in Nepal a decade ago, authorities continue to kill dogs inhumanely using strychnine poison, guns or sticks.
Animal  Nepal expressed its shock at the brutal killing of a dog by the Nepal police  in Baluwatar, Kathmandu. The dog, which reportedly bit two people, was  killed brutally with the help of a gun and bamboo sticks, in full view of  the public. The killing was recorded by video and uploaded on youtube (see  above)
Animal Nepal today handed over letters to the Inspector of Police,  the Chief District Officer and the Kathmandu Municipality, requesting the  authorities to take immediate action.
According to Animal Nepal, “the  images of ‘man’s best friend’ dying such an agonizing death are heart  rendering and deeply traumatizing for children and other members of the  public.”
The incident shows that Nepal badly needs an Animal Welfare Act,  to provide protection for canines and other animals.
Source: Animal  Nepal
The campaigners invite all concerned citizens to sign this  petition:
As  well as send emails to the municipality through this link:
and to the Nepal police  at:
The CDO can be reached by  fax at 009 771 4267619.
Please download the Sample letter Nepal Police  dog killing from here:
We  abhor the abusive treatment of animals in any form. We wish to end this unnecessary cruelty as part of our culture and heritage. Our children depend on us to reflect kindness and respect to all living beings, human or nonhuman. We want to build our culture under the banner of peace, justice and compassion.
If you agree that animals feel, suffer, love and the truth about their abuse should be exposed, please honor our work by “like” our page.
Thank you!

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