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Your help is changing lives in the Philippines
Dear Annamaria,

Life on the streets for stray dogs in Manila is short and brutal. And in the case of the dogs impounded at the Mandaluyong city shelter it can’t get much worse.

After hearing reports of the deplorable conditions there our executive director, Andrew Plumbly, visited the pound to see what we could do to help improve the lives of the poor dogs.

What he encountered was shocking. About 100 dogs were crowded into several raised cages, the mesh digging into their feet. There was no food or water available. Every dog was extremely emaciated – they were all slowly starving to death. The dog you see pictured here is called Marine. She was suffering from malnourishment and a transmissible venereal tumour when Andrew saw her.


But there is hope for these dogs. I know that you care about animals and will want to help, so please consider making a donation now.

A small but dedicated team of volunteers, led by a woman named Li-an, are doing their best to care for the animals with their limited resources. Li-an visits the shelter daily with buckets of food scrounged from restaurants, coaxes local veterinarians to provide care for the animals at cost and tries her best to inspire the pound staff to perform the basics.

But it’s a battle that she can’t win by herself.

Within 24 hours of visiting the pound our staff arranged funding for food and emergency veterinary care. We were able to provide chemotherapy for Marine, who is now ready for adoption, and we would like to do the same for other dogs in the shelter. I would be so grateful if you could make a contribution towards this fund so that we can continue to support Li-an’s life saving efforts.

A gift of £18 could pay for perforated plastic boards to protect the dogs’ feet from the cage flooring

A gift of £30 could pay for a dog to be sterilised prior to adoption

A gift of £50 could feed every dog in the pound for a day
Annamaria, any amount that you can afford will make a difference to the lives of the dogs in Madaluyong, so please make a donation today.

Donate to Network For Animals

Yours sincerely,
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Brian Davies Founder

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