Slovakia`s Shame: handling of straydogs there


I am only one person, no organization behind me,  but if somebody read these lines and could help here, please, write to me, perhaps we could find a way to help these innocence, unlucky lives in danger to be lost.

I could help in Hungary with very simple dog-houses, made by Hungarian workers, with simple animal-shelters

Name: “JUSTY”   male    Birth: 2004    Race: mix shepard     Castration: no Justy´s story is very very very sad. When I was in one gipsy´s area, one man told me: “Lady please come with me I have one dog which I don´t want. Can you take him?”. When I saw this dog it was horrible. One tree, chain 1meter short! and Justy here!! I asked him how long he is here?! He told from puppy. Long years he was here on short chain and his legs are splay. Unbelievable… stupid people are in this world….. Justy is good dog, better with females. He deserve the best place!!!
Name: “DINGO”   male    Age: 5-6years     Race: mix middle      Castration: no Dingo lived long years at one gipsy´s family, he was still at street and  searched food, barked to cars and so on. He is very lovely friendly older   dog, good with other dogs, better with females.
Name: “RUDY”    male     Age: cca 1year    Race: mix middle    Castration: no please Rudy was at one shelter, after it when brought him there last owner. He was long time on short chain and is very poor. He is good with other  dogs, playful, better with females. Urgent place please.
Name: “BERNIE”     male:     Birth: cca 1/2 2010 Bernie was at one crazy woman which wanted kill him and she “forgot” give him food. He was very poor at the begining. He is very active grateful young male, better how dog alone.
Name: “FRESH”  male    Birth: 1/2 2011  Race: mix koker    Castration: no This dog has very sad story, she was found at street where lived long time. He had bad experiences with people probably. He is sometimes  because of it agressive, needs time and people who know understand himand try show him that no every want hurt him. With other dogs and  puppies good. He is very clever and dutiful.
Name: “OSKAR”    male     Birth: 1/2 2007    Race: mix shepard    Castration: no Oskar was found in near village, he is really very friendly big dog, loves people so much, still wants be with them and want get caress. Lovely older dog deserves chance!! Good with other dogs.
Name: “LUCKY”    male    Birth: 1/2 2010     Race: mix middle   Castration: no Lucky was found at street, he came to one family and they gave him food, he want stay here, but this family has one dog already. It is very very friendly young male good with other dogs. Need so much love and care, loves walkings and playing with people.
Name: “MENY”    male    Birth: 1/2 2011    Race: mix bigger   Castration: no Meny was found at street, he has a little bit fear but step by step it is better. Need people which show him how so much they know love him. Good with other dogs, needs find belief to people. No conflict young male.
Name: “MICKY”    male      Birth: 1/2 2012     Race: mix bigger     Castration: no Micky´s story is very interesting, I find him… I drove and I saw on on side of road stand a dog, so I stop and I took him with me. I think he waited here on me………..It is very young male, but has problem with one eye, we will go to vet next week. He is very poor and still wants more eat. Playful kind dog, loves people. With other dogs good too.


Name: “RUBI” female       Age: cca 6-7years    Race: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel  Castration: no

Rubi was found on road, again breeder – no puppy – no money – for what old female? :(((. She has problem with eye, vet said long time, she got drops on inflammation. Kind playful female, deserves just the best. Good with other dogs!!!

Name: “DIEGO”    male    Birth: 2009    Race: bordo-dogo    Castration: no

Diego was found at street, he had last owner who used him on breeding, but puppies had still short tail!!!!!!!! – this is reason why Diego waiting here for second chance..he is very good with other dogs – with food is dominant because is very poor and hungry..he has good behaviour likes people

Name: “MEGGY”   female     Birth: 2010    Race: schafer female    Castration: no

Meggy was found at street, has old wound on one eye. We don´t know – maybe car or people…….she is really very clever and good female, no problem with other dogs..needs better place

Rubi ……..keine Beschreibung nur Bild


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