Von: Carmen Arsene <cmarsene@yahoo.com>
An: my e-mail-address
Gesendet: 10:27 Donnerstag, 21.Februar 2013
Betreff: animal protection provisions in your national Constitution

Dear all 



The Constitution of Romania will be changed. A Commission of 23 members have been formed in this respect. I had already discussions with 2 members asking them in helping to introduce some provisions with regards at animal protection.

We need to sustain this point by having a background of examples.

I need in this respect examples from the rest of countries who have in their national Constitution these kind of provisions.




Therefore, please help us by looking in your Constitution and send me the exact text (your language and English, if possible) that it reffers at animals (mentioning the no. of the article where the texts are). I need it till Saturday evening if posible.


Some tips: probably your Constitution…

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