,Petition for Dogs, mistreated! some informations added!

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English: The fire station in Makó, Hungary. Ma...
English: The fire station in Makó, Hungary. Magyar: A tűzoltóállomás Makón. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Nachfolgend e-mail-Adressen der betreffenden EU_Mitglieder, an die Sie den Text senden können.
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Ich habe das Foto ausgewählt, weil man auf diesem das Elend der Tiere sieht:
angekettet, kein Wasser, kein Futter, die Hunde fressen die Kadaver der
anderen Hunde auf, wenn sie derer habhaft werden können.
Das darf in einem EU_Land nicht passieren, in keinem Land der Erde! Und, Gewalt an Tieren ist der Samen zur Gewalt an Menschen.
An: a.erler@eurogroupforanimals.org
CC: m.griffiths@eurogroupforanimals.org; j.richard@eurogroupforanimals.org; l.dendas@eurogroupforanimals.org; i.reddish@eurogroupforanimals.org; s.mclennan@eurogroupforanimals.org; m.courat@eurogroupforanimals.org; k.reid@eurogroupforanimals.org; v.schmit@eurogroupforanimals.org; b.krech@eurogroupforanimals.org; s.vantichelen@eurogroupforanimals.org; caroline.lucas@europarl.europa.eu; c.cabanne@eurogroupforanimals.org; e.pierron@eurogroupforanimals.org; eurogroupforanimals@eurogroupforanimals.org; eurogroup@eurogroupforanimals.org; info@eurogroupforanimals.org
Gesendet: 14:50 Dienstag, 22.Januar 2013
Betreff: To Andreas Erler: “The totally Inhumane Behaviour Against Straydogs In Hungary


Andreas Erler

Office: + 32 (0) 2 740 08 91
Mobile: + 32 (0) 478 769 028
Title: “The totally Inhumane Behaviour Against Straydogs In Hungary”

Since May 1, 2004 Hungary has been a regular member of Europe United. It is bound
to the same animal protection law like all  the other states in EU, but reality shows us a
quite different picture.  Cases of Animal Hoarding have been growing lately.

Hoarders start collecting abandoned animals with the intention of rescueing them and
end up creating a huge problem because of their incapacity to cope with the situation,
and taking proper care of the animals.
We happened to discover these Animal Hoardings while we were trying to trace the
so called “Street Maintenance Depots”, where dogs are systematically destroyed and
exposed to cruelty and negligence.
Most dogs held by animal hoarders are also illtreated and kept chained tightly in an
extremely small space, but no one dares to talk loudly about it. It is a common secret.
A horrible shooting of dogs took place just recently in an animal “shelter” in Makó,
Hungary..More than 120 dogs died and were thrown into four garbage-containers.
Mind you,  NOT all dogs therein were dead…
An increase of  violence on dogs is becoming the norm. It is high time to get going.
We must take action, now.
http://youtu.be/GTNUdHD_n4Q (1)
283 Dogs found in Animal-Hoarding
 http://youtu.be/8pR2TAErq38 (2)
Poverty, negligence, too many dogs there
 http://youtu.be/JzdrroUVdlg (3)
http://youtu.be/PLEZZJMwd98 (4)
273 Dogs saved! (10 dogs died)
Massacre in Makó, Hu


Quelle: www.straydogsworldwide.wordpress.com/

http://www.menhely.eu/allatvedelmiThis petition is addressed to:
EU-Member Andreas Erler,

Title: “The Totally Inhumane Behaviour Against Straydogs in Hungary”


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