MACEDONIA-VELES: Straydogs: Females in the Cage, Males Stay on Street

village of Sopot, near Veles, Macedonia
village of Sopot, near Veles, Macedonia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fr, 18.Jan.2013 um 17:58



Females in the cage, the males stay on the street

So wonderful places, cities, and then …

In this way nadlezhnit hope to divide the packs of dogs that are grouped at
the time of mating.
Launched a major operation to round up stray dogs – bitches from the streets
around town. In this way veterinarians believe that will prevent groups of
males in packs that keep the mating period were moving together. On the
morning of veterinary services station with vehicles took females and carry
c cage until they pass this time. According to the Association for the
Protection of Animals Provide life this is the first step to protect the
animals, but also people who are afraid of aggressive homeless.

“The action is carried out in real time as children begin to go to school
next week, but the adults are afraid of the packs of dogs. On the other hand
it is good that the animals will be taken care of. We alert and veterinary
and SVR in Veles municipality that period stays is critical because now
breed dogs so aggressive, “said Robertina Vaskov, president of the
Otherwise doctor yesterday barely rescued alive head of the brawling pack of
dogs that chased. After this alrmiraa Veles that homeless dogs in myriad
walking the streets and Veles often attacking. Consider soon have to build
dispensaries that will be taken care of stray dogs, which announced that
together nine Povardarje municipalities will build Vardar planning region.


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