using dogs to practice their torture techniques: mexican drug cartels

Mexican drug cartels using dogs to practice their torture techniques

Lemon Pie gets another chance
Lemon Pie gets another chance

Over the last several years, as the drug cartels have taken operational control of Mexico, the sight of dismembered bodies dumped in the streets has become a daily occurrence in that country.

The cartels often practice their torture techniques on animals, and actually saw-off the paws and limbs of live dogs, before moving on to their human targets.

If the dog survives the ordeal, they are usually left to bleed to death, suffering an incredibly painful end.

One of those dogs that did survive was discovered last year, inside a trash can in Fresnillo, a city in the central Mexican state of Zacatecas.

His front paws had been severed.

Rescuers named the pooch Pay de Limon (Lemon Pie).

Lemon Pie, a Belgian Shepherd was taken to Milagros Caninos (Canine Miracles) sanctuary in the southern outskirts of Mexico City, where he was nursed back to health and actually fitted for prosthetic legs.

Sanctuary owner, Patricia Ruiz, told The Telegraph that the drug traffickers “would pretend they were cutting the fingers of the people they kidnapped.”

X-rays showed that his paws had been cut down to the joints.

However, sanctuary staff raised more than $6,000 and purchased of pair of prosthetic limbs from a company in Colorado for Lemon Pie.

Ruiz says that he now, “he can walk, can run, and I can tell you that he has absolutely everything. The only thing he doesn’t have are legs, but we gave them to him.”

Milagros Caninos is currently home to 128 abused and neglected dogs. Many of the dogs require the use of wheelchairs to run and play on the sanctuary’s expansive grounds.

Anyone who wishes to make a donation to Milagros Caninos, can do so SEE ORIGINAL LINK!


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