PETITION for STRAYDOGS IN HUNGARIA after Shooting more than 100 Dogs

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Please, be careful: videos are shocking!

(Text in German) and here the Translation):


Member of the European Parliament can contacted:

 Andreas Erler
Office: + 32 (0) 2 740 08 91
Mobile: + 32 (0) 478 769 028

Title: “The totally Inhumane Behaviour Against Straydogs In Hungaria”


Since May 1, 2004 Hungaria is regular member of Europe United. He is bound to the same animal protection law as given for all states in EU. Actual it looks different. Since some time we see more and more cases of Animal Hoarding.

It may start that Animal Hoarding is endeavored for rescue of unloved and not wanted animals but becomes within short a problem for the owner being incapable to care for them.

Sustainable management with not adequately provided dogs becomes more and more cruel. Before we knew ‘only’ of chronically euthanasia of dogs by so named street maintenance depots we discover along the country  Animal-Hoarding of dogs.

And, there exists a terrible secret no one dares to talk of:

Most dogs held in Animal-Hoarding are treated with legs, hit with objects, are chained and held in extreme small space.

Last week a horrible shooting of dogs happened in an animal-shelter in Makó, Hungary..More than 120 dogs died and were caught

into four garbage-container. Not all dogs therein were dead…

An increase in violence on dogs is foreseeable:
we must act. (1)
283 Dogs found in Animal-Hoarding (2)

Poverty, neglection, too many dogs there (3)
Nightmare (4)

273 Dogs saved! (10 dogs died)


Massacre in Makó, Hu




This petition is addressed unto:
EU-Member Andreas Erler,


Title: “The Totally Inhumane Behaviour Against Straydogs in Hungaria”


With best regards:

[Your name]



2 thoughts on “PETITION for STRAYDOGS IN HUNGARIA after Shooting more than 100 Dogs

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    • These informations I lay down on my blog are from friends in Hungaria.
      I am connected with them, they are animal-protector as I am, too.
      Excuse me, when I confess, it is a hard work to create such a
      article like this. Many e-mails, many tears … I don´t complain
      because I decided to help animals – in need.
      I even wrote a book about pigs in CAFOs(
      sorry, it is only in German language available.
      Yes, there are technical problems “surrounding” me,
      it may be too much for Readers, but I always hope they could
      understand that Intention I had on my heart for them


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