Hungaria: A Massacre done unto helpless dogs in a “shelter” more than 100 dead!

Dear Reader of this blog,

excuse me for sending so many informations about animal-abuse and -torture. But I have to publish them, for the animals!

When You want to get more informations about this casus, please, write an e-mail to me!

I am only shocked and grieving.

Since months I went to Hungaria to help dogs from messie-places.

Yesterday this shocking information came to me. A worker from a “shelter” in

Hungaria, you could see, how this shelter is built!, got totally crazy and shot the poorest dogs in the head, helpless animals, in front of the other dogs …

Blood-thurst-action  Blutbad-Aktion

I cannot upload more photos here, there are witnesses of totally inhuman and

brutal behaviour!63706_521830174516817_1378365280_nMako2393077_521830251183476_776184642_nMako1 (2)


3 thoughts on “Hungaria: A Massacre done unto helpless dogs in a “shelter” more than 100 dead!

  1. I can understand the shock about these torture and killing – in front of other dogs – there is so much abuse, torture Worldwide going on – I agree that animallovers Worldwide must stand up for those who can not talk for themselves – but it is hard, very hard, to receive and to spread that News – however, it must be done.
    It helps to realize that one is not alone in such a situation !


    • Thank You for Your empathic words.
      We need comfort reporting these horrors.
      But who will comfort those poorest animals there?
      Violence is growing – too fast!
      But our love is growing, too!


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