Golden Egg is Within Reach for Homeless Dogs in Brazil

52 comments Golden Egg is Within Reach for Homeless Dogs in Brazil

  • It’s so close they can taste it.  The small but powerful rescue team known as “Dogs in Brazil” is tied for first place in a contest run by the Australian investment firm Sunsuper. In just seven days, Dogs in Brazil could win a $5,000 first place prize for their work, and the Care2 audience could easily bring them the victory.

A Little Background on Dogs in Brazil

Dogs in Brazil founders Janice Cabral and her husband Carlos moved to Brazil to care for Carlo’s sick mother and decided to set up a life there. They bought a country property and borrowed money to start a business in their new home town. It’s been 10 years since they first saw a sick dog wandering in traffic that needed help. That was the beginning of a beautiful personal journey.

They’ve saved a dog thrown from a car with broken bones, puppies left on rocks in streams to drown and dogs with terrible infections many would have given up on. Their saddest save was a puppy found alive tied in a bag with its dead mother, brothers and  sisters.

Janice and Carlos have funded all animal costs themselves until the floods in 2011, where many died. Janice and Carlos were the first to bring food to people in some remote areas, even before government help arrived and they went to great lengths to rescue animals. They lost their business in the flooded area, then lost their home and the dog shelter on their property. They’ve saved enough to rent a house, but with 20+ dogs in their care (many needing treatment), they’re relying on outside help.

Will You Vote?

So, what do you say?  Will you take a moment to vote for “Dogs in Brazil” and help them win the $5,000 prize?  Click here to vote now.

Brought to you by the Harmony Fund


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Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/golden-egg-is-within-reach-for-homeless-dogs-in-brazil.html#ixzz1voe4FBbF


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