Killers of War Hero’s Dog Sentenced By Admin, on March 10th, 2012  FortheLoveoftheDog

Well, it’s justice of a sort and better than nothing. Two of the “men” who brutally killed Marcus Luttrell’s dog Daisy were sentenced; Alfonso Hernandez, 27, was given the maximum sentence for the state-jail felony charge of cruelty to non-live stock animals, Michael John Edmonds, 24, was sentenced to five years probation and fined $1,000. Edmonds received a lesser sentence because he pleaded guilty and testified against his friend and cohort in the killing. In 2009, on the night in question, Marcus Luttrell heard gunshots and after checking on his mother, grabbed his gun and took off out of his Texas home. He tracked the commotion to a roadside ditch where he saw what was going on; four young punks laughing over the brutally shot and killed body of his dog, Daisy. The punks had taken Daisy, who was a friendly dog, from her home, dragged her to the road, beat her with a bat and shot her with a .357. Luttrell, a former Navy SEAL, Navy Cross recipient and sole survivor of a deadly June 2005 firefight with Taliban forces in Afghanistan. Daisy, or actually DASY, wasn’t just a dog, not that any are, DASY was actually a natural therapy dog given as a puppy to Luttrell as he lay in the hospital recovering from his wounds and her name was a acronym that stood for the names of four of the men in his unit. You can ready my original post HERE. People abusing and killing dogs rip a piece out of me but something like this, a military vet and a therapy dog, it’s takes it to a whole different level, me at least. When I first came across this in 2009, the responses from military, vets, and many others were extremely harsh and I felt very much the same. You can tell that from my original post. I don’t believe that punishment for animal abusers is strong enough specifically for one reason, animal abusers seldom stop with animals and very often engage in other crimes but just the cowardly act of abusing an innocent and defenseless creature, a dog, often friendly and tail wagging, shows the true nature of a person. And what is a coward and a bully, even a psychopath or sociopath. And I’ll close this with this comment came from Andrea, “Lemme tell you. The safest place is jail for these guys. When this got out back then, I saw this discussed in every military, police, biker, soldier of fortune, hunting blogs and discussion boards. One comment they all made about these two guys… ”Dead men walking””


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