Eight-pound Chihuahua on dangerous dog registry

Eight-pound Chihuahua on dangerous dog registry.

Eight-pound Chihuahua on dangerous dog registry


Misha, a Chihuahua owned by Kristen Lees, 22, of Windsor, Ont. is shown Thursday, Feb.16, 2012. The eight pound pet was labeled dangerous by the city after she bit a teenage girl.

Little Misha might spend her spare time licking faces and looking pretty in pink, but city officials believe the eight-pound pooch has a dark side.

The three-year-old Chihuahua is now on the City of Windsor‘s dangerous dog registry after she got out of the house and nipped a teenage girl.

“I was in shock when the city showed up,” said Gerry Piche, whose stepdaughter owns Misha.

“They showed up on several occasions. One time, there was two of them on the front porch. It was like the dog was a killer or something.

“I broke out laughing. I said, ‘Look at the dog, do you see the dog going after you?’ The guy kind of got upset when I started laughing at him. It’s ridiculous.”

Misha’s owner, Kristin Lees, has appealed the dangerous dog designation. The Windsor Licensing Commission will make a decision next month. ….


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