Perhaps I am not allowed to show this photograph, but…




This little dog was found in a little village in Hungary. Somebody had hear him weeping. Our Hungarian friends for animals-protection went to a house where the screeming was coming out. They found this little dog with 3 leg. A sick torturer had cut their fourth leg…

If You want to support our work, please make a donation. Our work here in Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Ukraina, France et al. are becoming more & more a nightmare.

We need help, we need Your help.

Yesterday I got an e-mail from Hungary, too. A family lost their house, full of waste – and: a komondor therein. Beaten away, he was there since three days, alone, near the starvation. My friends brought this wonderful friend to a vet.doc. – inmindst the night.  He is sick, very sick, having water in his heart and longues… perhaps I´ll get photographs then I am able to show them.

Thank You for Your Love for the Dogs, the Straydogs esp.




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