Such a Sad Story…

English: Line art drawing of a Doberman Pinscher.
Image via Wikipedia

Royal Oak, MI – Officials in Royal Oak are either naive, ignorant or over-reactive…perhaps some combination of all of the aforementioned – please read on.

Last October, Heidi, a Doberman Pinscher, was at a local market with her owner. The dog was leashed and under control.

A stranger approached and asked to pet Heidi. At the same moment that the man bent over to pet the dog, she popped up and hit his nose – unfortunately the man’s nose was broken.

Now, the Assistant Deputy City Attorney wants Heidi destroyed – for attacking the man.

Attacking? No doubt, the impact with the nose hurt – but attacking? More like unfortunate accident.

The city’s reaction is nothing short of mind-boggling. Since when did a dog who jumps up in excitement equate to a dog attack?

A show of virtual hands from the large-breed dog owners out there…how many of you have come into painful contact with your own dog’s hard noggins??


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