Azerbaijan can kill in preparation for the Euro Vision Song Contest 2012 street dogs!

Azerbaijan can kill in preparation for the Euro Vision Song Contest 2012 street dogs!

January 16th, 2012 million actions

In just a few months, Baku, Azerbaijan‘s capital, hosts of the Euro Vision Song Contest his 2012th

As the popular TV event of the Azerbaijani government offers a lot of publicity and public efforts, the city in a good light must be left there, great.

But an initiative that would address the problem of strays in Baku brings, now since a few weeks, animal rights activists up in arms.

The city sends dog-catcher in the streets with guns and they shoot at the dogs – at helligten day! You do not shoot them dead, because they do not want to waste the expensive bullets for them. The dogs are injured and then died with the gun barrel beaten and taken away. That tells us a direct source of Azerbaijani animal rights activist.

She reports that these men killed even small puppies in front of schools and the children who have supplied the animals before stage, must see!
The animal rights activists in the country criticizing the government massively, because this procedure against the European Convention for the Protection of Animals breach of the Azerbaijan also signed in 2003.

Azerbaijan does not belong to the EU, but since 2001 a member of the  Council of Europe  and an important trading partner of the EU Member States.

The Caucasus state is entitled to under the  European Neighbourhood Policy  (ENP), especially financial and economic support by the EU.

Azer Garayev, a representative of the Azerbaijan Society for the Protection of Animals, says that the dog catcher to shoot indiscriminately at each dog as soon as there is the slightest suspicion that there might be a stray.

The rationale of government: the animals are a threat to public health and safety. In view of the, held in Baku Euro Vision Song Contest 2012 we want to protect the tourists and residents.

Sanan Niftaliyev, head of the Department of Animal Affairs confirmed that a cleanup campaign in the run-up to be carried out in May sees events taking place, but not all the fuss. “It would indeed merely sick dogs are killed by the dog catcher and all the stray dogs would be the official veterinarian of the city controlled,” said Niftaliyev. When asked by the animal rights activists and the media, but officials did not give exact numbers and statistics known.

There are now a petition with over 7000 signatures.
Thousands of animal lovers to call those responsible to change the current policy. “Please help us! We advocate for the animals because they can not speak for themselves, “said Azer Garayev, a representative of the most commonly supported citizen initiatives in Baku in recent years.

The city employees have taken the petition, but it seems unlikely that the situation is changing:
“We are aware of the petition. But must understand the signatories that we have to care about the safety of the expected guests, “Niftaliyev said in an official statement.

Animal rights activists fear that the more that the brutality against the dogs will get worse.

Please also sign the petition! Please help the dogs that have died for this fun event!

President Of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev: Stop Killing Stray Animals due preparation for € 2012 vision in Baku!



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