Hungaria: Animal-Shelter in Need / Ungarn: Tierheim in größter Not

Magyar: Paks
Image via Wikipedia

Today I need Your help, no, not really I, but about 500 dogs in Hungaria. There is a donation-botton on this blog you could give.

Heute brauche ich Hilfe, nicht für mich, sondern für etwa 500 Hunde in Ungarn.

This shelter has nothing, only a lot of nothing.

Das Tierheim Váci Cerberus in Paks, Süd-Ungarn, hat Not an allem.

Please, make  a donation today for these animals there. My family help there since years – but the problems there are growing, the poverty in Hungaria graws, more & more people catch their dogs out unto the streets.

The lady who takes care for the shelter is about 70 years old.

Please, watch with me:



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