Vaccine Against Leishmaniasis: L. Is Curable! Read more!

NEW 2011: vaccine against leishmaniasis => link

PCR test now available
Visible symptoms are:
Wounds that won’t heal at the ears, nostrils, legs, pads and/or bottom, “cauliflower” nose, dermatitis with scabs most notable around the eyes, protruding crooked nails in damaged nail-beds, watery eyes, loss of weight, depression

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    We are informed on a number of incidences of false test results by “instant result” tests.
    The PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test is named as an excellent test.
    PCR test now available

    Note AAP: We do not approve of killing dogs that can be cured.

    Leishmaniasis is considered to be a contagious and dangerous disease which it is NOT. False test results have a serious repercussion on the lives of dogs. In many countries dogs with Leishmaniasis have to be killed. Consequently dogs with false positive test results have been killed too! Acting on false test results also leads to unnecessary burdensome and costly treatment or no treatment for dogs that need it. So it is very important to be sure before you act.

    The PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test is named as an excellent test.The Witness test is a generally used test for detection of Leishmaniasis amongst other blood disorders. In case of a positive test result a second test to verify the primary outcome and to define the basis for treatment is needed.
    To eliminate false test results this should be done by a specified, good laboratory. For practical purposes I.F.I. (Indirect Immuno Fluorescence) is the best lab test, although more sophisticated ones are also available.
    For the Iberian peninsula the lab of Dr. Echevarne in Barcelona is named as the best for this second test. Barcelona Tel.: 935 040 100 Fax: 932 154 838
    Director: Dr. Fernando Echevarne Horario: lunes a viernes: 6.00-21.00 h nbspsábado: 8.00-13.00 h
    For the north of Europe: Med. Lab. Marienhof MG in Germany fax: 0049 2161 819475.
    Dutch laboratorium for several types of bloodtests EVL;
    European Veterinary Laboratory Postbus 198 3440AD Woerden.
    Tel.: 0348-412549 Fax: 0348-414626
    Attention: dosis alopurinol twice a day


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