Romania: Straydogs` Situation now/ Die Situation der Strassenhunde

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Momentan gute Nachrichten aus Rumänien!
Das rumän. Verfassungsgericht vertagt die Debatte über die Tötung der Straßenhunde auf den 11. Januar. Nur durch (internationale) Proteste und Petitionen ist es gelungen, die Entscheidung (vorerst) zu stoppen.
Bitte fleißig weiter protestieren!!
Es darf nicht passieren, dass die Massenmorde an Straßentieren per Gesetz legalisiert werden!





Ladies and Gentleman,

Possibly on January 11th 2012, the final decision for the future of the Romanian stray dogs will be taken. A decision that will decide between life or death for many thousands of innocent dogs!! So I urgently ask you to read this letter which is giving evidence for the corruption and violation of laws in Romania. I herewith ask you to investigate on the given cases where stray dogs were killed without any legimitate reason.

Since 2008 the Romanian law in force has been constantly trespassed. The current animal protection law bans the euthanasia of healthy animals: Based on law 205/2004, art. 7/1 for the protection of animals, completed and modified by the Law 9/2008: The euthanasia of dogs, cats and other animals is banned with the exception of animals with incurable diseases as diagnosed by a veterinarian.

Yet Romania continues the massacres based on an inoperable article from the law 155/2001 (OUG 155/2001). Art. 7, paragraph 1, stipulates that  “after the end of the sheltering period ( 7 days) as stipulated to art.4, the dogs who have not been claimed or adopted, can be euthanised by the veterinarian.

Although the authorities in Romania know about the law in force, there are thousands of dogs killed every day. There are official documents showing that ANSVSA, the National Sanitary-Veterinary Authority in Romania has even ackknowledged the existence of the law in force which bans killing of stray dogs.

Romanian version:
English version:
The stray dog business in Romania By Codrut Feher

This obvious crime, supported and covered by public authorities, companies and institutions, has caused NGO’s all over the world to collect proves for the violation of the law 205/2004 and law 09/2008. The latest events in Tulcea (Tulcea County) regarding the service for the management of strays, prove without any doubt that illegal killings of stray dogs take place with approval of the town halls.

In 2010, more than 7000 dogs have been killed in Galati and there were no evidence given from the city hall, that these dogs were incurable sick animals. The veterinarian Emilia Herescu, in Prahova county, has killed over 6,000 dogs from 2008 and continues to do so, based on contracts signed with many town halls in the region. The tragedy: therse dogs are all spayed and neutered, and get killed afterwards. In May 2011, there were 230 dogs killed in Botosani within 2 hours. These are just a few examples which can be documented in detail.

On the other hand, there are Romanian city councils that are actually working together with NGO’s supporting castration programmes in

-Miercurea Ciuc (Tierärztepool and Bruno Pet e.V.) in 2009 and 2011,
-Bals, Brasov and  Tarluneni (Bruno Pet e.V., bmt, Tasso, ETN)
-Bukarest (Vier Pfoten)
-Craiova (Animal Rescue Hope for Animals e.V.; 983 animals in 2010)
-Sibiu/Hermannstadt (Pferd und Hund e.V., 1440 dogs since 2009)
-Reghin (Tierschutzverein Robin Hood)
-Barks (Vier Pfoten und Barks Romania; 800 femaile dogs from 2009-2011)
-Galati (Vier Pfoten; 19000 dogs from 2004-2007)
-Hundedoara, Sighisoara, Agigea, Comanest, Dej (Vier Pfoten),

which is the only acceptable method for the dog poplution management, even recommended by the WHO and 4 EU deputies who have handed over a written declaration to the EU Parliament on 09th June 2011 that is dealing with the  management of stray dogs in EU Member States. And these recommendations are  substantiate by first sucesses: In Oradea the results are showing: in 6 years the population of strays decreased 8 times.

As a citizen of the European Union, I urgently ask you to investigate on the incidents regarding the stray dogs in Romania. As representatives of a EU Member State in 2011, Romanian authorities and the Romanian parliament should ensure the observation of the law and the ban of corruption in their country.

Furthermore, Romania should meet The Treaty of Lisbon (Art. 13) that states that EU Member States should pay full regard to the welfare requirements of animals and, as a modern country, Romania should follow the recommended method “catch, neuter and return” for dog poplulation management of the WHO. As a citizen of the European Union, and because of the above given reasons, I ask you to decide for life and against corruption!


Yours sincerely,

Name, country


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