Brutal killing of dogs by Marg Swarnabhoomi 

(I did put attached pictures away, too graphic)

Info from 
Blue Cross Chennai  

On November 28th, 2011 about 19:00 hrs our General Manager Mr Dawn Williams received a phone call from Mr. Kamalakannan telephone number 763966375 / 9443923134 Vellur village, Cheyyur Post, Kanchipuram District stating that about 45 dogs were killed and dumped in the local water body (Vellur Lake).
On reaching Vellur Village at 22:00 hrs he found that residents of Vellur Village had already retrieved 21 carcasses of dogs. 3 more carcasses of dogs floating in the water was retrieved by him. Many more carcasses were floating away in the running water. Due to heavy rains rescue operations were affected badly. One dog was still alive and breathed its last in the Cheyyur police station at 01:30 hrs on November 29th, 2011.
The residents of Vellur Village said that Mr. Ramakrishna G.M. MARG Swaranabhoomi hired people to kill the dogs. Residents of Vellur village said that they saw the MARG SwaranaBhoomi personnel dispose off the carcasses into the local water body. All the dogs that were killed were owned by the residents of Vellur village. There were children crying for their Tommy and Tiger. 
Along with about 50 residents of Vellur Village he went to the local Police station i.e. G-6 Cheyyur Police Station, Kanchipuram Dist. Pin. 603 302 and lodged a complaint against Mr. Ramakrishna G.M. MARG Swarana Bhoomi for ordering the killing of dogs; MARG Group of Companies; Personnel who executed the brutal orders and also the personnel who disposed off the carcasses of 24 dogs into the local water body (Vellur lake) under IPC 428, IPC 429, PCA act 1960 section 11 a, Dog Control Rules 2001, IPC section 277 polluting of water body and IPC section 278. 
The carcasses of 24 dogs were handed over to Madras Veterinary College for postmortem. 
There were several eye witnesses who have also given their testimony for this case
Blue Cross drivers Rajesh, BC attender Prabhu and volunteers Padama Kumar and Daniel were also on site.
It is really shocking that these community dogs which were being taken care of by the people in the village have been senselessly massacred by the accused in the FIR The villagers and their children who have looked after these dogs were in tears on seeing this .
The Villagers have specifically requested that the dogs bodies be returned back to them as they wanted to give them a ceremonial burial. This will be happening today evening at the village as we are in the process of taking the dogs back to the village after post mortem. 
This act is unforgivable and Blue Cross will do whatever is necessary to bring the perpetrators of this crime to justice . But we do need every single one of youhelp to raise public awareness and share this across so this does not happen again. It is really shameful that a company like MARG resorts to such illegal , pathetic and senseless practises which are cognisable offenses ,
Also write in to MARG and their MD GRK Reddy protesting and asking for action.



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