Dead in Detroit: A Sick, emaciated Pitbull, is scheduled to be killed on Friday morning!

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Dead in Detroit

By Andrea, on November 9th, 2011 | That’s what it’s going to be for Ace the pitbull.  A sick, emaciated pitbull wandered into a Detroit Ace Hardware store on November 4th.   Store owners called Detroit Animal Control to pick him up but were unaware that it was a death sentence for this poor dog.  According to “policy”, Detroit Animal Control (under the Detroit Health Department) will not release Ace.  He’s scheduled to be killed on Friday morning.

Their policy is to not adopt or release unadoptable dogs.  And Ace, a pitbull, is considered an unadoptable dog.   He won’t even be released to a capable rescue that can get Ace the medical care he needs and work at getting him into a home.

It’s their policy and that’s final.


Bullshit.  These are dog-killing control freaks.  And these control freak bureaucrats are feeling the wrath of the animal lovers, animal rescues, the world, and the wild internet kingdom. 

Rapper Hush Carlisle of Detroit Dog Rescue is advocating for the release of Ace to rescue organizations.  Even Detroit’s own City Council is advocating for Ace’s release to a qualified rescue.  But still, it’s the Animal Control/Health Department policy and that’s final. 


Look, I can write a whole lot of snarky about this, but there is no time.  I’ll get right to the point.  According to the Save Ace Facebook, here is the action plan:

Call, fax, and FLOOD the following Detroit officials.

Bruce King General Manager at the Detroit Health Department

Phone: 313-876-4821
Fax: 313-876-0906

Loretta Davis

Mayor Dave Bing’s Office at (313) 224-3400, fax (313) 224-4128

Council President Charles Pugh (313) 224-4510,

Council President Pro Tem Gary Brown (313) 224-2450,

Councilwoman Saunteel Jenkins (313) 224-4248,

Councilman Kenneth Cockerl, Jr (313) 224-4505,

Councilwoman Brenda Jones (313) 224-1245,

Councilman Andre Spivey (313) 224-4841,

Councilman James Tate (313) 224-1027,

Councilman Kwame Kenyatta (313) 224-1198,

Councilwoman JoAnn Watson (313) 224-4535,

Fax numbers for each Council member available at the links at the bottom of this page:

Sign the petition:  Demand Change at the Detroit Animal Control

Target: Detroit City Officials

A severely emaciated dog was found at ACE hardware store in Detroit on November 4th, 2011. Detroit Animal Control was called and quickly arrived to remove the dog from the location. Many individuals and rescue organizations alike have committed funds to pay for all needed medical care and boarding, and many are willing to foster. The Detroit Animal Control is refusing to cooperate with these individual and organizations, standing by its antiquated and foolish policy, which is to hold this animal for 5 days to allow for its owner to reclaim it, before possibly releasing into the care of the Michigan Humane Society. Obviously this animal should not be allowed to go back into the care of any owner who allowed it to become so emaciated. This petition is an attempt to show Detroit City Officials that the community at large is committed to seeing the policies of the Detroit Animal Control changed to ultimately allow for the greatest number of animals to be placed with capable Rescue organizations and made available for adoption.

The clock is ticking for Ace and supporters across the world are pressuring officials, and regional advocates are considering legal action in a bid to save him.

For more background on Ace, see these websites:


3 thoughts on “Dead in Detroit: A Sick, emaciated Pitbull, is scheduled to be killed on Friday morning!

  1. I ran acroos your website and sent emails to a councilmember and bruce king. so sad but it’s good that you are fighting for the dogs and doing everything that you can. i am sending you a donation.


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