A Video from Ukraina – Mass-Killing of Strays & Plea to Write

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Mister  President Viktor Yanukovych,

for a few months, and within the framework of the Eurofoot 2012, international networks and various media have been protesting against the extermination of indigenous animals taking place at the moment in Ukraine

The Ukrainian administration gave its support, and allowed the use of crematorium furnaces to exterminate animals. The whole world is wondering about the reasons that led your government to such a decision, a distressing solution, unworthy of a civilised country.

 You cannot hide your acts: these crematorium furnaces, poisonning and mass graves of animals are seen by people and children all over the world. 

This situation leads to increasing world-wide information campaigns and protests against the atrocities that are being carried out in your country. 

You can thus expect boycott of tourism and commerce, advertising against Ukraine , demonstrations in front of your embassies, travel agencies, on the internet and various media. 

Mister President, the international community asks you to collaborate and so reassure your fellow-countrymen on the situation in Ukraine . Not doing so would be harmful to the beauty and values of your country, would reduce tourism, and increase the lack of consideration and interest for the Eurofoot 2012. 

We diplomatically ask you to collaborate with well-known international animal welfare organisations that can advise you, and help your administration achieve a spay and neuter program right now.

Yours respectfullly,

Name Vorname Land


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