And now Bulgaria: Urgent Cry for Help Straydogs

Urgent cry for help – 2 dogs brutalized with acid (Graphic content!) Posted on 06 October 2011 в Fostered dogs These two wonderful dogs have been brutalized by a vicious monster who tried to pour acid into their ears for a SECOND TIME. It is not possible to even comprehend what a horrid creature would do something like this to two such kind-hearted, people-loving, good dogs. They are in fact SO GOOD that you can pour acid into their ears…. Both dogs are raised and fed by the neighbourhood children. There is nothing they like more than kids. The two dogs are always together and always following a group of children. They endure every childish game patiently and with care. The dogs are safe from harm fot the moment, but can not go back to their place of residece. If they are returned back to their street for a thrid time we are sure they will be brutaly murdered. There is no future for these sweet animals. * * * This is MISSY: Missy is 4-5 years old – and such a sweet and gentle lady. She is very smart, very friendly and exeptionaly calm. Missy is fantastic with kids, and just melts for attention. A lovely girl, truly. * * * This is MECHO: Mecho is 4-5 years old – a guy who lives and dies for children. He is fantastic with people, crazy about kids, very patient and calm. Will do anything for humans. May be a bit stubborn when it comes to other males. His name means “Bear”.


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