Slideshow about a Death-Row for Dogs

In the Capital of Hungary, Budapest, there is a “Shelter” for unwanted
dogs. People left their dogs there, when they are old or sick or only
people don´t like them any longer. Found a younger dog, a “nicer” dog etc.
And then there are dogs there, really straydogs.
Straydogs have a very hard life on the streets in Hungary, esp. Budapest.
Streetworkers have to care for the cleansing of streets and when they
found straying, wandering dogs there they put them and go with them to
this certain place in Budapest (and many other similar places Hungary, called sintérhely). This “Shelter” is located in the “Illatos út” means:
Wonderful smelling street! What an oxymoron!
And what the dogs have to wait for You´ll view on this slide-show!
Don´t forget, it is a horrible place!

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