Hyderabad the Second: 1001 Horrors there

1,001 Horrors in Hyderabad

I love India. India has the beauty of everything…deserts, forests, oceans, mountains, lakes, and rivers. I love the vivid colors and artwork. I adore Indian food. I have a several Indian cook books and a big picture book of Indian street food with recipes.

I have been fascinated with India for a long, long time. Even as a kid I read all the stories and folklore of India and the neighboring countries. Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, Aladdin, Sinbad the Sailor. I had my nose in Rudyard Kipling’s books enjoying the stories of Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, Mowgli, Kim, Toomai, and The Man who would be King.

I really believed those 1,001 Nights were filled with enchantment. And I’ve been dying to experience them ever since. India has been on my list of “must visit” before I depart.

Not anymore.

Now my mind is filled with 1,001 Nights of another kind. Hidden in Hyderabad, the fourth most desired place to live in India, lives a torture chamber for dogs. The suffering there is so profound, it makes the Nazi-run concentration camps during World War II look like vacation spots.

Talking about the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) Dog Pounds. GHMC has five dog pounds in Hyderabad at Amberpet, Autonagar, Jeedimetla, Patancheru, and Zumerath Bazar.

Dogs are crammed in tiny cages and are beaten to death, starved to death, left in their cages eviscerated, and poisoned. Puppies are eaten by the other dogs. And when the pound is too full, the dogs are buried alive near the garbage dump.

The corruption among the officials and employees runs rampant. The funds allocated to operating the facility are lining official’s pockets. The medicines and food allocated for the animals are sold to other veterinary hospitals.

The volunteers who have been dedicating their time to helping these animals are harassed, threatened, and assaulted.

A full account of this Hell on Earth can be found here at this website. In addition, videos of this place can be found at this YouTube channel. But I warn you, view at your own risk. I viewed a couple of these videos. I’ve seen similar conditions in our poorest run shelters in the U.S., but what I never heard before was the shrieking of the dogs in the background. Filled with fright and despair as they slowly die. The sounds made my blood run cold. I don’t think the mental images will be erased from my mind anytime soon.

Running this outfit is Karthika Reddy. She became the mayor of Hyderabad in December 2009, becoming the first woman mayor. And she is now most likely, the most notorious.

A campaign has been launched by Let’s Adopt Global and local animal advocates in the Hyderabad area. This facebook campaign asks all animal advocates in the world to announce our outrage.

Karthika Reddy, Mayor of Hyderabad
Send an SMS to the Official Mobile of Karthika Reddy, Mayor of Hyderabad: +91 9652936333. And/or send her an email at mayor@ghmc.gov.in
Sign the petition Stop the Dog Massacre in Hyderabad

Read and watch the video at Let’s Adopt Global.
If you are a facebook user, please like the page Save the dogs from the GHMC pound from Hell, and give them your support.
Please write to the Indian Ambassador in your country exposing these monsters and voicing your outrage (diplomatically, of course).

Already advocates from all over the world have been peppering Mayor Karthika Reddy and reporting the shelter conditions to authorities. Today, a directive was issued to the Mayor from the Animal Welfare Board of India.

The letter can be read here at this website. The letter is firm and to the point. Here is an excerpt:

The Board is deeply distressed that the GHMC, its officials, employees, and agents – as per the accounts received, and which we have no reason to disbelieve – continue to perpetrate barbaric cruelty upon the mute. Scant regard is obviously being paid to the requirements of law, and to ‘equity, justice, and good conscience’.

I am requesting you to immediately review the situation. If such is indeed the state, corrective steps will have to be taken immediately. Surely, Hyderabad ought not to be projecting itself as being a destination at par with the best in the world (for business, and otherwise) when accounts suggest that its animals are being treated in such an abject manner. Needless to state, if facilities and infrastructure are inadequate, there is absolutely no reason why the animals need to be dumped and incarcerated in them. Animal birth control has to be preceded by capacity building. As the ‘superior’ human race, we cannot turn a blind eye to the starling levels of misery – as per all accounts – being meted out to the mute.
And this is not a shock to the Animal Welfare Board of India, Hyderabad has been warned before. In the same letter:

In fact, I may advise you that the Animal Welfare Board of India had issued a strong legal notice dated 25th June, 2009, to the GHMC, in the year 2009, for contravention of law, and violation of Supreme Court directions by the GHMC, its functionaries, employees, and agents. No reply to the same had however been received by us.

Obviously, the position has not altered yet.
I think a good thing is to keep these two names and addresses handy. Now that this situation has caught their attention, lets keep their attention by reminding them we will continue to watch the handling of this issue to make sure this never, ever, happens again.

Dr. R.M. Kharb

13/1, Third Seaward Road, Valmiki Nagar, Thiruvanmiyur,
Chennai- 600 041.

E-mail : awbi@md3.vsnl.net.in

Dr. Vijay Kumar, I.A.S.
Secretary to Government, & Commissioner, U.P.A.
Municipal Administration & Urban Development Department
Government of Andhra Pradesh, A.P. Secretariat,

Please, even though this caught the attention of India’s Animal Welfare Board, please write to the above to let them know the world is watching and will continue to watch.

This is evil, pure and simple. It has turned my 1,001 Nights into 1,001 Nightmares. Even Scheherazade would agree.

“All beings are fond of themselves, they like pleasure, they hate pain, they shun destruction, they like life and want to live long. To all, life is dear; hence their life should be protected.” — Mahavira

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